Yes, i meant org-contacts.

I created a file I called and I input some contacts in it.

But, how does it make it easier to assign a person to a task in my Is there any type of auto complete functionality? Do I have to make a manual link to the file instance to be able to easily access that persons contact information?

Thank you in advance. 


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On 2014-04-30 18:28 Sungmin wrote:
> Julien Danjou have made contacts.el, might to be a better fit.

If you are referring to org-contacts than this might just be your
solution. Or at least the best way possible to integrate your contacts
with other org-related things.

With org-contacts your address book is just a plain old org-mode
formatted file, where headlines with a certain property (the default is
EMAIL I think) are treated as contacts. For example:

#+begin_src org
* Person A
** Notes Meeting
- foo
- bar...

* Person B

As you can see, notes are easily added as you are just editing your
plain old org-file. Adding people to a certain event may just be as
simple as linking to the headline corresponding to the person. About
tracking time, there should be functionality for this built in - I am no
expert there.

Alexander Baier

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