I posted the following at gmane.emacs.help but afterwards realized this
might be the more appropriate forum.  Please excuse the double post:

Hi all.
I'm relatively new to emacs, and I don't have a computer programming

For purposes of learning a language, I want to use Org-player within an
Org-drill session.  I believe I have both of those programs working fine
independently.  But, the problem arises that when in an Org-drill
session the user is unable to control the cursor, preventing me in this
case from accessing the audio file I'd like to play and checking my
pronunciation of the given word.  Clicking on the link with the mouse,
which of course wouldn't be ideal anyway, has no effect.

Please let me know if anyone has an idea of how to make a change,
presumably with Org-drill, to enable this type of use. 



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