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I am using org-mode to write teaching class corrections in order to get them properly exported in pdf and html. What I would like to do is to insert not only the answer but also the questions. So, I have created a "question" environment as shown below

#+TITLE: Question Test

1) Question bla bla bla bla

The answer to this question is ...

2) Question bla bla bla

The answer to this second question is...

The problem is that the enumeration number gets lost either in the =enumerate= env. in LaTeX or the =ol= tags in html and thus question restart to number 1 every time I have a BEGIN_QUESTION/END_QUESTION block. Is there a way to solve that issue or at least to force the item number ? (for instance, in LaTeX I can write \item[1],\item[2] and in html I can set the =ol= start value).

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