Ken Mankoff <> writes:

> I've just come across an interesting website generator that I think has
> potential for making Org websites. I have no affiliation with this
> project, but thought it might interest this community. I have an
> interest in an org-based website, but none of the existing ones have met
> my needs yet.
> Jr is a static static (yes 2x) site
> generator. Most static site generators work by you writing markdown,
> then you converting to HTML locally, and then you uploading the static
> HTML pages. Existing Org site generators work like this to, I think -
> export to markdown and then convert again with Jekyll. Or of course you
> can convert Org to HTML directly.
> Jr works by having javascript render the markdown to HTML. That is, you
> write markdown, upload markdown w/o running a generator, and the
> generator runs in the browser of the viewer.
> This is efficient for the server (simpler pages) and author (no need to
> run a static site generator), but may be globally inefficient for a
> popular site (many browser doing rendering).
> If Jr or a fork rendered Org to HTML instead of Markdown to HTML, then
> we could have website that are directly written in Org. A starting place
> for this is the existing Javascript support for Org here
> but that still
> requires you to export the Org file to HTML before uploading it to the
> web.
> Anyway... maybe of interest to some of y'all. I'll be watching that
> program develop and may be contributing to an Org port of it as I have
> time.

Looks interesting; thanks for sharing.  I'll check it out later.  One
concern, is that for NoScript user, JS is kind of pain compared to
"real" static HTML. . .  I'm guessing these sites completely broken
without JS.

Has anyone tested the Jerkyll Org plugin¹?  It might be v2-specific,
but it would be nice to just be able to commit your Org files. . .



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