I reported this on September 2nd too. Hitting C-c C-c inside the table
fixes the formatting. Also moving to a position inside the table and
doing: M-x org-table-align fixes the formatting. Hence
I tried to create a new formatter function in order to re-align after
writing the table:

(defun my-formatter( ipos tables params )
    (org-clocktable-write-default ipos tables params)
    (forward-line 2)

and install this as the formatter, but it didn't help. If it would have
helped, I could have fixed the default table-writer by adding

Anyone an idea?


Joost Helberg

>>>>> "Francesco" == Francesco Pizzolante <> writes:
 > From: Francesco Pizzolante <>
 > To: mailing-list-org-mode <>
 > Subject: [O] [bug] Alignment bug in clock tables
 > Date: 2014-10-02T17:41:07+0200

 > Hi,

 > I'm having an alignment issue in clock tables, both in the agenda and in
 > dynamic blocks.

 > By default, \emsp is displayed in clock tables for level 2 (or above) to
 > indent headings. To avoid that, I set the variable `org-pretty-entities'
 > to t, and in this case the alignment of the table is broken when you
 > regenerate it.

 > I currently see no solution if I want correct alignment in clock tables
 > without seeing \emsp.

 > Any idea how to achieve that?

 > Here's a small screen capture that shows the issue:

 > Thanks.

 >  Francesco

Snow B.V.

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