henry atting <s...@online.de> writes:

> org-mode version 8.3beta (release_8.3beta-581-g0e52f0)
> After updating orgmode from git batch publishing does not work anymore,
> the error message says:
> Autoloading failed to define function time-add
> The according part of Makefile
> sheet: $(HOME)/misc/horg/ledger-queries.org $(HOME)/.org_batch_publish
>       touch $(HOME)/misc/horg/ledger-queries.org
>       emacs --batch -Q -l $(HOME)/.org_batch_publish --eval '(org-publish 
> "org")'

For problems like this, I try doing it without --batch. Start emacs:

    emacs -Q -l $(HOME)/.org_batch_publish

turn on debug-on-error and then eval (org-publish "org").

time-add is defined in time-date.el which is required by org.el, so I'm
not sure why you are getting this. The backtrace (assuming you get one)
might shed some more light.

There have been situations where I get the error with --batch but not
without. These cases are more difficult to debug unfortunately.


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