Is there any way in org-mode to have two things happeautomatically when a 
long outline entry gets keyed into a file?  First the lines of the outline 
entry do not go beyond a defined right margin and split on spaces.  
Second, subsequent lines created by above wrapping start on a left margin 
that makes it clear to org-mode that these additional lines are all part 
of the original outline entry since they're inside the indents created by 
the stars and space that started the original outline entry?  A question 
to clarify things a little bit may help.  Let's say an entry starts with 
three stars followed by a space followed by the start of the outline item.  
In order for things to lok neat and be correct, would org-mode start a 
wrapped line from that outline item if it was longer say than 65 
characters total on line 2 and space 5?

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