On Wed 21 January 2015, Rasmus wrote:

> Gour <address@hidden> writes:
>> On Sub, 2014-08-02 at 11:12 +1000, Alexis wrote:
>>> 2. Using org-vcard as a library, create org-carddav (which i hope to
>>> start working on shortly) in order to be able to synchronise contacts
>>> stored in Org with arbitrary CardDAV servers.
> Cool stuff!

Sorry i've not replied to this sooner; i've had a lot happening, and
haven't been able to follow this list.

Unfortunately my work on org-carddav got stymied at an early stage by
this Emacs issue:


Iirc, this not only presented an obstacle to interaction with Google's
CardDAV service, but also with a DAViCal server i set up on my LAN.

If someone familiar with the source of url-http.el reviewed this, and
amended its code along the lines i suggested in my bug report - even if
only in the Emacs master branch - i would happily resume working on
org-carddav. :-)


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