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On 02/12/2015 07:37 PM, Yuri Niyazov wrote:
PS It is clear that you can *both* select the correct date using
calendar, and *then* type in the time while still in the calendar
selector, right?

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Not really an acceptable answer. Having to use 2 different interface methods to fill in one time/date stamp value is confusing and cludgy. Plus, if you type in a full time/date stamp + time, you can still move around in the calendar, but it doesn't update the selected datestamp in yellow. Also confusing.
Cludgy is in the eye of the beholder. I am hugely bothered by various
inconsistencies in org-mode user interface (see my other posts to this
list) but this one is very far down on the list. This is why:

When I need to schedule a date, it is sufficiently close to today's
date that it is usually 2-3 S+ARROWS keystrokes away from today, so
the calendar with "today" selected as default is great.

So, let's see how a time selector would work:

When you bring up a time selector, it could by default show one of the
following three options:

1) The current time
2) The last time you selected when you used the time selector
3) Some default configurable time like "noon"

When I need to schedule a time for an event, the time that something
needs to happen is usually not related to any times on that list, so
using S+ARROWS would be less efficient than typing out the time, which
is at most four keystrokes if its on the hour. (E.g. "10pm" ). Of
course, this is only true if you are a touch-typist.

Why bother with the arrow keys at all? I have a capture template for appointments and deadlines which requests date and time. Calendar is called. Rather than arrow keys I type the date<space>time (optional duration) and then enter - e.g. call the template, then "2/28 13:30 (and then enter the rest of template requests such as 'What has to be done""

Charlie Millar
Forgot to mention that with the deadline I also might enter a lead time

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