I have set up only one persistent tag set with a key character like this:
(org-tag-persistent-alist (quote (("@i_shopping" . 105))))

There are no file based #+TAGS in any of org files.

I also like to have access to all tags in all files, so I set this up:
(org-complete-tags-always-offer-all-agenda-tags t)

Finally I'd like to have a fast selection splash screen:
(org-use-fast-tag-selection (quote auto))

Now the problems:
Running C-q in an org file on a heading shows a fast selection splash
1. The main problem is that the assigned fast pick characters are not only
'a-z',  but also non-ASCII characters which are shown as:
- [\200] tagname1
- [\204] tagname2
- etc
There seems to be no way to select tagname1 or tagname2.

2. With all the above variables unchanged hitting the TAB here for
selection of tags in the minibuffer only allows tags already in the file,
ignoring the (org-complete-tags-always-offer-all-agenda-tags t) variable.
Disabling (org-use-fast-tag-selection (quote auto)) and hitting TAB after
C-q actually shows the selection of all tags in a Completions buffer as
expected, except in the Capture Buffer.

3. In a Capture Buffer, in addition to problem 1., and problem 2.,  TAB
does not show a full list of tags in the Completions buffer (with the
disabled fast select as in Problem 2. above).  However, typing a first
letter of a tag and then TAB will list all tags beginning with that letter
in all the org files and not only org-tag-persistent-alist.

So, fast select seems broken.

I would expect it  behave like this:

1. having (org-complete-tags-always-offer-all-agenda-tags t) and
(quote auto)) should limit the tags selection to ASCII only characters or
offer double character selection like [aa]-[zz] if there are more tags that
az permits. Use numbers perhaps too?.

2. If 1. is not possible then perhaps limit the characters to az and
leaving other tags out of the fast select but allow TAB to choose all tags
in all org files using org-ido?

3. what is the point of 'auto' in  (org-use-fast-tag-selection (quote
auto)) if it does exactly the same thing if set to  (org-use-fast-tag-selection
(quote always))?

I'm forced currently to disable (org-use-fast-tag-selection (quote auto))
 setting it to  (org-use-fast-tag-selection (quote never)) and use the
Completions buffer, which seems to work more consistently.

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