is there a way, to read header arguments to source blocks in the
exporters org-<exporter>-src-block funktions?

E.g. is there a way to access :firstline in the example below?

#+begin_src c++ -n :firstline 23
   static struct
      char                        *entity;
      unsigned char       equiv;
  } entities[] =
      { "lt",           '<' } ,
      { "gt",           '>' } ,
      { "amp",          '&' } ,
      { "quot",         '"' } ,
      { "trade",        153 } , /* trade mark */

I didn't find it in the `element' structure.

However, if I use

#+begin_src c++ firstline=23
  // random C++

I could access :parameters from `element' and parse the string.
However I'm not sure if I'd break some babel stuff or not.

If I'm trying to implement a firstline feature -- source blocks with
new line numbering (-n) beginning at a given line number -- I'd prefer
to use :firstline, but I didn't find anything to suggest `:XXX ZZ'
header arguments to source blocks are available to the exporters.

Any advice?

Thank you very much

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