>>> See :ALT_TITLE: property.
>> ALT_TITLE seems to work only for those headlines that appear in the
>> Table of Contents. While that is the main purpose, this does not have
>> to be necessarily the case. In the present case, I need it because
>> LaTeX would not accept a footnote to a heading without it.
> It seems that the bug is either
>   1. That the footnote that is written out at all.  If you call
>      org-footnote-action (or whatever C-c C-x f is) you are told that
>      footnotes are not supported in headings
This has been fixed today by Nicolas. There is another thread on the mailing 
list discussing this. So if you update orgmode, this would go.

>   2. The optional argument of the \section-like command should
>      automatically be set either :ALT_TITLE or :title sans the footnote
>      if a footnote is present.
Yes, this needs to be implemented, it seems.


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