Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Rasmus <> writes:
>> Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:
>>> Eventually, we could introduce a `org-return-hook' where an user could
>>> add, e.g.,
>>>   (lambda () (when (org-at-heading-p) (org-end-of-meta-data) (insert
>>>   "\n")))
>>> Opinions?
>> +1.
>> I'd also like a hook on C-RET.
> Actually, a hook isn't even needed if you use `advice-add'.

There's also org-metareturn-hook.

I had a patch a while ago adding support for M-RET on keywords.  This
could be pushed together with a documentation on how to use it with
add-function (is nadvice.el too new for us to assume when writing
documentation?) or the mentioned hook.


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