>> True.  This is because org-latex-headline is written this way:
>> ,----
>> | (if (and numberedp opt-title
>> | ;;   ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ why this?  Maybe there's a good reason...
>> |               (not (equal opt-title full-text))
>> |               (string-match "\\`\\\\\\(.*?[^*]\\){" section-fmt))
>> |          (...)
>> |        ;; Impossible to add an alternative heading.  Fallback to
>> |        ;; regular sectioning format string.
>> |        (format section-fmt full-text
>> |                (concat headline-label pre-blanks contents)))
>> `----
>> However, it need not be this way: LaTeX itself (or more precisely: the
>> default classes) seem to support the alt-title even for starred
>> sectioning commands.
> I removed NUMBEREDP, since I cannot remember the reason for its
> presence.

Sorry, it took me some time before I could get back to figure this out. 

In the document (manuscript of a book) that I am working, ALT_TITLE now works 
in most cases. However, ALT_TITLE does not work for headlines in Appendices, 
which come after 


Just as a reminder (since these emails are several days old), we are trying to 
enable ALT_TITLE in all headlines irrespective of whether they appear in TOC or 

So there is perhaps still a problem somewhere.


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