On Monday, 27 Apr 2015 at 07:58, Lawrence Bottorff wrote:


> will result in both the * Introduction blurb as well as the stuff
> between
> the tatex "structural elements" being exported. With latex babel I can
> tangle and get only what I want. This is handy if I want to throw
> around a
> lot of chatter and extraneous stuff that ultimately I won't want in my
> final document. We might call this "annotations a la orgmode." But,
> yes,
> then I don't get the built-in orgmode latex support that comes with a
> regular latex export. Please advise if I'm wrong on this
> understanding.

No, your understanding is spot on.  What you can do is have sections in
your org file which do not get exported, using either the :noexport: tag
or by commenting out individual headlines (C-c ;).  However, this is not
quite what you have illustrated in your email.

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