J. David Boyd wrote:
> "Charles C. Berry" <ccbe...@ucsd.edu> writes:
>> On Tue, 21 Apr 2015, Suvayu Ali wrote:
>>> Something that has been bugging me for many years now, everytime
>>> I resolve conflicts in Org files with ediff, it's a pain.  All the
>>> buffers keep folding the outlines, hiding the conflicts.  I keep
>>> going to the buffers manually (which can be somewhat of a pain in
>>> a text terminal), and unfolding them manually.  But of course the
>>> PROPERTY drawers, LOGBOOKs, and other DRAWERs are still folded!
>>> And then after I have jumped through hoops, and resolved the
>>> conflicts, I realise I could have just switched to text-mode before
>>> invoking ediff!
>>> Is there a way where I don't have to remember to switch the major
>>> mode before invoking ediff[1]?  Or maybe an ediff experience where
>>> the buffers are forced to unhide text.  I guess it should be
>>> possible to just temporarily remove all overlays or invisible
>>> properties.
>>> Any thoughts, ideas?
>> Did you see this thread:
>> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/2013-04/msg00400.html
>> ??
> That't what I was going to say.  I added that to my setup long ago,
> and it has been working fine since then.  I don't ediff all that
> often, but when I do it certainly helps.

The only (tiny) problem is that the `truncate-lines' and `visible-mode'
settings stay in the buffer after the Ediff session -- while one would
love to get back to the original settings of the buffer.c

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