Rasmus <ras...@gmx.us> writes:

> To have a defcustom that let you choose preferred method.  Whether the
> default should be changed I don't know.

We don't need a defcustom if we can assign a different keybinding to
each of them.

>> This is not possible ATM because it doesn't handle inline footnotes at
>> all (this requires some work in "org-src.el", since
>> `org-src--edit-element' wasn't designed to edit inline objects), and,
> There's no need IMO.  ATM it moves to the second colon and I don't see
> other logical ways to handle it.

You can reference inline footnotes too:

  [fn:label] refers to [fn:label:definition]

and you may want to edit definition from [fn:label].

> C-c C-c would then depend on a defcustom, I guess.  At least it's a pity
> if C-c C-c only works in some cases, e.g. "if not narrowed".

If remote editing is improved, it can become the default for C-c C-c
when on a footnote reference. C-c C-o can jump between the definition
and the reference. We can remove C-c '.



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