Renato <renatof...@gmail.com> writes:

> I'm using release_8.2.10 and experienced the same problem.
> The problem seems to be the function org-agenda-fontify-priorities which
> calls:
> (org-face-from-face-or-color
>                      'priority nil
>                      (cdr (assoc p org-priority-faces)))
> which expects a face to inherit from. When org-priority-faces is nil or
> color or even does not specify the priority(e.g. "B") it inherits from
> nil and causes the message.

AFAIU, this isn't right. If (assoc p org-priority-faces) is nil, so is
its cdr and `org-face-from-face-or-color' returns nil, too. The `cond'
moves to the next branch.

> Setting it to something like 
>    (quote
>     ((65 . org-level-1)
>      (66 . org-level-2)
>      (67 . org-level-3)
>      (68 . org-level-4))))
> is a workaround to the problem.

It is. But it hides where the real problem is.

Do you have an ECM?


Nicolas Goaziou

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