t...@tsdye.com (Thomas S. Dye) writes:

> Another false positive, I think:
>   1360 low   Unknown value "no" for header ":eval"

Fixed too, and also cherry-picked from wip-lint.

> Also, after I run org-lint I sometimes lose the cursor.  The frame
> around the *Org Lint* window flickers a bit, as if *Org Lint* is being
> refreshed over and over.

It should only refresh if you press `g' in lint buffer.

> Apologies in advance for such a vague report. I'm not sure where to
> start debugging something like this.

You can debug `org-lint--generate-reports'. It is the function
responsible for refreshing the buffer. It should only be called once
after "M-x org-lint" and every time *Org Lint* buffer is refreshed
(i.e., with `g').


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