I had an inlinetask that started with a link, like this:

**************** Inlinetask heading
[[file:filename][link desc]] some text. Some more text.
**************** END

It didn't fold on TAB. Looking into org-inlinetask-toggle-visibility I see

;; Inlinetask was folded: expand it.
     ((get-char-property (1+ start) 'invisible)

which is true for all kind of chars that are invisible I guess (even if the value of the 'invisible property is 'org-link)

A quick test showed that adding a test for if the hiding is "outline" worked:

;; Inlinetask was folded: expand it.
     ((eq 'outline (get-char-property (1+ start) 'invisible))

I don't know if this has any unwanted side-effects though. Or if this should be avoided for some reason.

This is using the latest org from git.

Anders Johansson

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