Suvayu Ali <> writes:

> I do not see anything happening.  In the modeline I see OrgCacheD, so
> the mode is definitely enabled.  However to enable it, I had to do one
> of these two:
>   (setq ngz-debug-mode nil)
>   (setq ngz-debug-mode t)

My bad, it should be

(define-minor-mode element-debug-mode
  "Minor mode to debug Org Element cache."
  nil " OrgCacheD" nil
  (if element-debug-mode
      (progn (setq org-element-cache-sync-idle-time 3600)
             (add-hook 'after-change-functions 'element-check-cache t t))
    (setq org-element-cache-sync-idle-time 0.6)
    (remove-hook 'after-change-functions 'element-check-cache t)))

Then, you can just ignore `ngz-debug-mode'.

> I have to go unfold the property drawer for "asl & phi", go to the end
> of the :END: line, and hit tab to reveal the next headline.  I don't
> think this one is cache related, maybe I should start different thread
> for this.

It is probably cache related. Anyway, could you check again with
definition above?

Thank you.


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