Hi all

Im a young assistant professor (in humanities and thus my horrific coding
skills..basically non ;-)) and having been using orgmode for a year or two
now. I love orgmode dearly and use it mainly for note taking, lists etc

I am aware of the fantastic orgmode capabilities that could benefit me
greatly such as exporting, email tie-ins, beamer support, organizing my
bibliography (i have switched to a .bib file recently for my references),
agenda capabilities and so much moreand have tried several of these with
mild success.

unfortunately (and this maybe due to me not being very technical and lack
of coding skills) i still feel like im really not using orgmode to its
potential and still feel miserably lost in terms of organizing my work in
academia from all aspects.

i am looking for 2 things really:
1. as i said in the post topic a good guide if anyone is aware of or
detailed examples of using org in Academia (mainly aimed at faculty :))

2. related to that as a young researcher with multiple students, paper
writing, grant applications, department duties, endless TODOS, endless
email i would really be grateful for even non org specific tips on how
other people organize all this to make life more..well..organized :)

thanks alot in advance and sorry for the long mail



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