Sebastien Vauban <>

> Rasmus <> writes:
>> Suvayu Ali <> writes:
>>> I am trying to export special blocks with options.  But it seems the
>>> options part is being ignored completely.  I expect the following:
>>>   #+begin_aside :options {Combinatorial background}
>>>   It is all random!
>>>   #+end_aside
>>> to be exported as:
>>>   \begin{aside}{Combinatorial background}
>>>   It is all random!
>>>   \end{aside}
>>> However what I get is without the extra argument to the environment.
>>> Am I missing something, or is this a bug?
>> #+attr_latex: :options test
>> #+begin_aside 
>> random 
>> #+end_aside
> I think Suvayu uncovers something interesting: how do we give a "title"
> to such an admonition (note, warning, tip, sidebar, etc.)?
> If we want to export our document to multiple backends, we would be
> forced to have:
>   #+attr_html: :options {By the way...}
>   #+attr_latex: :options {By the way...}
>   #+attr_odt: :options {By the way...}
>   #+begin_note
>   This is a useful note (with a title).
>   #+end_note

Isn't this too stylized?   Wouldn't it rather be

#+attr_html: :options "title='BTW'"
#+attr_latex: :options {BTW}
This is a useful note (with a title).

ox-html has not restrictions on attr_html BTW.

> Wouldn't it make more sense to get the title as part of the admonition,
> as Suvayu tried it in his OP?
>   #+begin_note :options {By the way...}
>   This is a useful note (with a title).
>   #+end_note

If you have something that should be shared across identically across
backends.  For a title I guess you'd use a caption, right?  A macro would
be a quick way to allow solutions once you know the right mapping between
the option element and backend transforming.



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