Jay Dresser <org-m...@jaydresser.us> writes:

> Peter Davis <pfd <at> pfdstudio.com> writes:
>> Frequently when I'm doing a Web search and find pages I like, I want to 
> save a link to the page, along with the
>> title and perhaps a
>> few notes. Something like org-mode's capture would be great, but I'd like 
> to initiate it from a browser. I
>> imaging hitting a plugin
>> button on the the browser's toolbar to open emacs via emacsclient, and 
> essentially do a capture with the
>> link and whatever text I
>> care to enter.
>> Has anyone seen or heard of or written something like this?
>> Thanks!
>> -pd
> Not sure that you need a plug-in or extension, I just use this bookmarklet:
> javascript:location.href='org-
> protocol://capture://x/'+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'/'+encodeURIComp
> onent(document.title)+'/'+encodeURIComponent(prompt('Tags?'))
> It prompts for the tags, which I separate with ":" (to be org-like).
> This works fine in Chromium and I would think Firefox too.

But you still need to register the protocol with the browser. And that
registration step has proven problematic in the past.


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