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Hi Oleh:

> I'm pretty sure my commit isn't to blame  and you meant this one:
> c15db80e32d22dace184203f6f03a0b586bb4b50
> Author: Sergey Gordienko <gordien...@gmail.com>
> Date:   Fri Jun 26 17:44:20 2015 +0300
> org-mobile: Tiny fix in creating index.org file
> * lisp/org-mobile.el (org-mobile-create-index-file):
> Eliminate cloning of `#+READONLY' property in the `index.org' file.
> A sublists of `org-todo-keywords' don't need to contain the `|'.
> --Oleh

Yes, this is the one I meant. Sorry for quoting the wrong commit.


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