There's currently a discussion about the different continuation
whitespaces used in Generator._write_headers() and the Header class
regarding issue 1974 ( Barry pointed out
to move this discussion to this list, so here it is...

The problem can be summarized as follows: The default continuation
whitespace for long headers in the Header class is the space
character, but in Generator._write_headers() a tab is used to create a
Header class from a string. This resulted in at least two bug reports
(1974, 1645148) where there were problems with some email clients
(e.g. Outlook) that didn't display the subject as expected. It turned
out that the problem only occurs when a string is used to set the
subject header but not when using the Header class directly.

I've uploaded a patch to codereview
( It is just the result from
spending some time on isolating the subject issue and maybe it has
some use for the discussion here.



P.s.: As it is my first post on this list: Hello to all! ;-)
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