Introduce myself:

   I have 20 yrs experience of CNC-machines. Mostly Okumas but also some 
Fanucs. My work includes CAM, CAD and machine maintenance & repair. I am not a 
machinist. Our company is called Eka-Sorvaus OY, it translates to First-Turning 
INC. We do Oxy-cutting, welding, machining and painting. Our webpage is at I got involved with LinuxCNC because we have 
Cincinnati 10HC2500 horizontal mill, this machine had bad control(850sx with 
old DC-servos and DC-spindle). We decided to replace control with LinuxCNC and 
also install new spindle & servo motors and also install new absolute linear 
scales from Fagor to avoid zeroing. With a lot help from PCW, Andypugh and 
newnobi I have been able to get this machine moving again. You can check 
progress & current status here:

Reason for me to join this mailing list was that we do need G84 floating 
tapping canned cycle. I was surprised to find out that LinuxCNC does not 
support this "out of the box". I have found  mhaberler old  work from 2012 
And I was able to add this code manually to current master source. But I have 
few questions left and I am hoping to find some help.
Tero Kaarlela
Production Engineer
Eka-Sorvaus OY

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