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> LinuxCNC supports arcs in XY, ZX, YZ planes
> It also allows cycles(?) in the UV, WU, VW planes.
> During my work on G71 / G72 (which attempts to support any plane) I
> have realised that a multi-axis lathe might want other combinations.
> Noting that there is quite a lot of clear space in the region G17.0 to
> G19.9 I have come up with the following:
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C_vm5pExMxhw5hccaCCjmV5YAAPno4
> It would be easier if we decided that G16 was spare (used for polar
> coordinates on some controls, so _almost_ appropriate) as there are
> not quite enough G-codes for all the combinations.

There are folks here with much bigger oars to steer LCNC than mine, but I 
like it.

My vision for this Sheldon lathe involves making yet another toolpost 
base, with some sort of a well built harmonic drive to rotate the tool 
post so the side attack angle could be controlled by gcode within a 
running program so that turning and faceing become just a matter of 
specifying the desired angle for the next cut. Ideally with a touch the 
contact method of self calibration of the tool tips swinging radius so a 
g1z## x## puts the cutting tip in the same place where ever it is set in 
the instant angle.

I think I can hack it up in the gcode we have now, but its pretty 

Another area I would love to see is the ability to tilt a co-ordinate 
plane by adding an Rx,Ry,Rz(the other 6 letters too of course) argument. 
Currently its about the Z axis only, so carving a Z taper gets math 
intensive. Either way, its a great detector of stiction in the z 
movements of ones milling machinery :(

Thank you Andy.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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