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> > I just noticed that we don't have a GPIO driver for the Pi.
> > Not of huge interest to me at the moment, but I thought that there
> > used to be one, I seem to recall using it at Wichita.
> > There is one in MK. I don't know the rules well enough to know if we
> > could just take it.
> 'Borrow with pride' Andy, so long as whoever wrote it gets kudos.
You may want to check gpio availability Andy. The kernels own spi driver 
has to be disabled in order for rpspi.ko to function as its self 
contained. Once thats done rpspi works very well, but it uses 4 of the 
gpio pins to run a potentially 2 channel spi, that linuxcnc only uses 
one of. I don't know if the gpio's rpspi doesn't use are otherwise open 
and available.

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