All conductors can be affected by EM fields. Thermocouples containing iron, 
like Type J and K, are more susceptible than others.

I’ve experienced some susceptibility of Type T thermocouples in some instances.

I don’t have any experience with, “The J and K type thermonuclear probes.”☺

FWIW, even though there are some sources that state constantan is a 
copper/nickel alloy (Type T thermocouples use a copper/copper-constantan 
system), NIST once held the position that they would not calibrate 
thermocouples containing constantan, unless the allow used to draw the wire was 
assayed, due to impurities in and other uncertainties with the alloy’s content. 
IIRC, iron was a constituent commonly found in constantan.

Peter Tarver

From: Doug Powell []
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 08:58

The first thing you should check however, is if there is any interference.  The 
J and K type thermonuclear probes do have iron (Fe) content and are susceptible 
to magnetic or RF fields.  If you have such fields present they can result in a 
much wider range of readings than you might otherwise expect.

Also type T thermocouples have no iron content
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