I have questions on wireless in fixed Large scale stationary industrial 
equipment (permanent connected 3 phase, 150A / phase , 1000 Kgm  ). Can you 
help me with the following wireless questions?
1)     Purchased wireless device:a)      Can the wireless device be designed 
permanently into the industrial equipment?
b)     Or should the wireless device be shipped and installed aftermarket?
c)      Can you provide a modular approval?i)       Where is the modular 
approvals not accepted?ii)     Where is local in-country residency 
required?iii)   Where is in-country testing required?(1)   Does testing include 
the wireless module only?(2)   Does testing also include the assemblies that 
utilize the wireless module?(3)   Does testing also include the whole 
industrial system as well?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.Regards  Paul J Smith

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