I would seriously consider pointing out to your customer that their specified 
supply voltage is not a common one


I suspect your customer already knows this.  The issue is determining that the 
product is safe, given that the mains ratings exceed those in many safety 
standards.  While standards such as 60950 state that they are applicable to 600 
V rms (there is a statement in the standard that unless otherwise noted, all 
voltages are rms), as has been mentioned, the clearance, creepage, and electric 
strength requirements go well beyond 600 V.  


Clearance and electric strength requirements are based on transient 
overvoltages.  Transient overvoltages come from lightning strikes and 
switching.  DC mains may not be outside the local building so may not be 
subject to either or both of these sources of overvoltages, so the clearances 
and electric strength requirements may not be applicable to this equipment.  I 
believe 62368 so states.






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