I’ve been working with some Silicon Images (Lattice Semi) 9777 multiplexer 
chips lately and would appreciate any insight list members might have.  When 
used at any resolution below 4k, there seems to be a 10 dB emission “pedestal” 
that stands out of the baseline emission at several frequencies, 742 MHz in 
particular.  The pedestal is 666 usec long and repeats at whatever frame rate 
is selected.  At first, I thought it was correlated with the SPI bus activity, 
since the timing was identical, but further experiments show that not to be 

My question is, is this inherent to HDMI, or to the 9777?  As is probably 
obvious, I don’t have a whole lot of experience with HDMI video.

Thanks all!

Brent DeWitt, AB1LF

Milford, MA

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