When QP level didn't exceed the QP limits (if our client wish to
have some minimum margin in the test, QP limits minus the margin)
for continuous disturbances, we will not evaluate discontinuous

As you said, the standard says "Discontinuous disturbances shall be
assessed WHEN they exceed the limits for continuous disturbances,.."

Also, discontinuous disturbances will be measured with the same
QP detector and higher QP limits will be applied (clause 4.4.2,
C.2, etc.), so the EUT should never exceed the discontinuous
disturbance limits in this case.


On Fri, 10 Nov 2017 11:37:27 +0100,
  Paolo Roncone <> wrote:

> Question:
> IF the EUT Mains conducted emissions Quasi-peak levels are under the CISPR
> 14-1 Quasi-peak limit (CISPR 14-1 Table 5), when measured with a CISPR
> 16-1-1 compliant EMI receiver, is the click procedure/assesment deemed to
> be complied with, or not?
> In other words, is there in a PASS case still the need to go through the
> very complicated procedures detailed in sections 4.4, Fig.6 (Flow diagram)
> and Annex C of CISSPR 14-1 for determining, analyzing, measuring and
> assessing compliance of clicks ?
> Going through CISPR 14-1 (2016 ed.):
> Section 4.4.1 says: "Discontinuous disturbances shall be assessed WHEN they
> exceed the limits for continuous disturbances,.."
> Click definition in sec.3.3.3: "discontinuous disturbance, the amplitude of
> which exceeds the quasi-peak limit for continuous disturbance, the duration
> of which is NOT LONGER than 200 ms and which is separated from a subsequent
> disturbance by at least 200 ms,..."
> Now, the charge/discharge times of a Band B (150k-30M) QP receiver =
> 1msec/160msec, so a click lasting less than 160msec (see click examples in
> Fig.2 of CISPR 14-1) yet exceeding the QP limit might NOT be picked up by
> the QP receiver during a standard mains conducted EMI is
> the origin of my doubts.
> Thanks in advance for any feedback
> Paolo

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