Hi Jon:


“Is the same thing true for the ratings of an X2 rated capacitor; is the 250VAC 
rating a nominal rating, where the part expected to support 250VAC+10% say?”


IEC 60384-14 says:


2.2.3 Rated voltage (UR)

The preferred values of rated voltage are 125 V, 250 V, 275 V, 400 V, 440V, 500 
V and

760 V.

NOTE 1 X-capacitors can be used in a star connect.

NOTE 2 Electromagnetic interference suppression capacitors should be chosen to 
have a rated voltage equal to,

or greater than, the nominal voltage of the supply system to which they are 
connected. The design of the

capacitors should take into account the possibility that the voltage of the 
system may rise by up to 10,% above its

nominal voltage.


The answer is “yes.”


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