It seems like my e-mail response got bounced so I am sending again.  Apologies 
if a duplicate.
> Thx to all your feedback and I clearly get the point these are very different 
> standards but changing from using bits and pieces of IEC 60950-1 to IEC 
> 62368-1 in our draft IEC 60601-1, 3rd ed. + A2 and not knowing the IEC 
> 62368-1 well (obviously as I am a 60601-1 expert) I was just doing a favor 
> for the Chairmans Advisory Group (CAG SC 62A) that I am not part of but to 
> help them have a quick answer - which is not practicable as I see now the 
> Elephant and the plum don’t fit together.
> Ted - I didn’t know you were that oldddddddddd!!! :)
> Thx all and I will pass on the comments and some of the humor to my CAG.
> Cheers,
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