Hello all,

I would like your opinion on one matter that happened in my lab not long ago.

I found out that my RF generator was sending a much lower power than it was 
If on the display it was described as it was generating 0dBm, the real output 
power was around -50dBm.

I also found out that, one of my co-workers, previous to this problem, had 
connected the RF output (with 50hm of impedance) to an oscilloscope (with 1Mohm 
of impedance).
Of course, this means that I had a full signal reflection on this case. The 
signal was around -20dBm in 35kHz.

Should I assume that my generator is damaged?
Or maybe I have another kind of problem, and this connection and reflected wave 
do not pose a threat to the generator?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,
André Gomes Videira
Laboratório de Ensaios e Certificações
Telefone: + 55 47 3276-7613 | Skype: agvideira
WEG Drives & Controls - Automação Ltda.

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