Hi Everyone,

Lately I have been working on a desktop "EMP" generator on the cheap for 
testing circuits and equipment without spending a lot of money. One of the 
challenges is characterizing and calibrating it without having a suitable 
current probe. I designed a simple, self calibrating current divider that is 
easy to build and gives a reduction of 4X per section (any factor is possible 
using multiple sections and changing the design of the section). The design 
matches resistive and reactive contributions to the attenuation ratio 
(extremely simple to do) to give it a nice constant attenuation ratio from DC 
to higher frequencies. I will cover the design of the attenuator in an upcoming 
Technical Tidbit on my website www.dsmith.org<http://www.dsmith.org> . My 
current probe is a F-65 from Fischer Custom Communications. I like that probe 
as it has excellent E-field rejection. I have seen some others that do not have 
good E-field rejection and would not work in this application as there are high 
E-fields involved.

Separately, I am going to cover the design of the overall device and current 
divider as well as demonstrate it in a segment I am calling "The Morning After" 
to be given on the Friday morning after my regular three-day measurement and 
design troubleshooting seminar (next two are in October).

Right now, my generator is capable of 5,000+ Amperes (3 MHz damped sinewave but 
I can make other waveforms) with a 45,000 Volt open circuit output. That is 
like ESD di/dt but with orders of magnitude more energy. So far I have not 
spent any money yet!


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