Hi All,

I have measured data on most ESD simulators on the market, characterized for 
waveform purity and E-field emissions at a considerable investment in personal 
time and resources. The data is quite surprising and is similar to, but with 
more data than the work I did in the 1990s with standards bodies such as ANSI, 
IEC TC77b WG9 (IEC61000-4-2). The data reveals not only surprising results on 
the simulators but insight into the nature of ESD itself and why testing 
results can be difficult to reproduce. ( I have been working on ESD for about 
40 years now both in standards bodies and solving problems.) If one wanted, the 
data shows how to pick a simulator more likely to pass or fail a product, 
whichever you want or how to resolve a disagreement between a commercial lab 
and a company's internal lab results.

I plan to organize the data into a presentation which will include over 150 
scope plots and other data on contact and air discharge and ESD characteristics.

If you think you might be interested in this data/presentation, get in touch 
with me separately and we can work out logistics.



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