My company manufactures Laboratory Equipment such as analyzers and
determinators. They are highly specialized equipment, yet have an infinite
range of uses.

Even though all known residual risks are documented in the Safety Warning
section of the manual, they will commonly request a list of Misuses.  There
are no buttons, or settings that can be changed by the User that can cause
a hazard.  The operational environment is clearly defined. So in most all
cases, I am not aware of any "Misuse" that can cause a hazard. For some
reason, this answer is not acceptable.  We are expected to come up with

Is there a standard or common list of MisUses that seem to satisfy this

How crazy are we to get with this?, e.g., don't use the 400lb analyzer
while taking a bath?  Don't use it to mow your lawn?  Common!!!!

I used to work for a computer company and I couldn't believe the stupid
warnings we had to put in the manual.

Thanks to all.

The Other Brian

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