I have a client who has a secondary pwb that has traces and vias that may have 
100 vdc on them adjacent to ground. 

Per 61010-1 there is a requirement for spacing and/or dielectric test, both 
depending on what the mains voltage is. 

The question is why is the mains voltage a consideration or concern if the 
100vdc secondary voltage is several layers of impedance and circuitry from the 

Is it a concern that a surge on the mains would trickle down to the secondary 
circuit, or is there another reason/rationale? 

I suggested that a dielectric test per Table 6 [in A1] would suffice and put 
the issue to rest for this product, but the question from the designers remains 
as to why is it a concern in the standard of what the mains voltage is.

Is there anything in the standard, that I haven't found, that does not require 
Table 6 to be followed if there is no way for a mains surge to impact the 
secondary voltage? 

I look to the experts for an explanation. 


Steve Brody
sgbr...@comcast.net mailto:sgbr...@comcast.net
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