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Test failures (performance, compliance, or any other) just before product 
introduction are very expensive. It is not unusual to cost a company US$100,000 
or more revenue per day of product delay. Given that...........

There is an issue with IEC61000-4-2 based ESD testing, and it is costing 
companies millions of $/year in incorrect failures on equipment that in fact 
was compliant!!! I have observed this for decades now but not much has been 
done about it. What we really need is a maximum di/dt specification anywhere on 
the waveform (I proposed this when I was on WG9 of TC77b almost 30 years ago) 
and an E-field emissions amplitude and de/dt specifications for ESD simulators. 
They are all over the map in their ability to fail equipment that is actually 

Given that, one's only recourse is to try and use a simulator that meets the 
"intent" not just the letter of the requirements. Along those lines, you might 
be interested in my latest Technical Tidbit article for November about data I 
have taken on most of the current simulators on the market using special 
measurement techniques (both equipment and technique of measurement). In the 
article I give an example of di/dt issues. Here is the link:


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