Hi All,

Did you know that just a static E-field can cause improper operation of some 
equipment like smoke detectors? No discharge necessary. Just "ES" without "D"!

One of my E-field experiments set off a smoke detector in the next room, 
reliably, from 15+ feet away! You don't want to be near me in the building 
where my lab is located.

I spend a lot of time performing research in my lab  coming up with new ways to 
characterize equipment problems and solve them. Most of my knowledge (past 
college 50+ years ago) comes from my research. Generally, I find principles 
taught in books come with limitations that are not necessarily pointed out in 
the books but show up very clearly in my lab experiments. I have explored in 
the lab most of the principles I was ever taught. I have found that doing it in 
the lab is better than just reading about it in a book or hearing it in a class.

I also do health experiments that have resulted in me at 75 living like a 35 
year old. Those experiment have been very successful too! Conquered flus, 
colds, and sore throats 50 years ago, none since then, and no sunburn with no 
sun block needed for a whole day in the sun now.


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