Greetings all;

Not sure but ISTR seeing a 2.8-pre in the lcnc headbar.

But, while this BoB seems to have excellent timeing as I can see the step 
pulse have 10ns rise & fall times, I am unable to put the spindle 
circuit live for a where the heck is it on this card test.

I have put # in front of all the keywords that start with HOME in 
the .ini file, and put in a NO_FORCE_HOMING like it says in the docs in 
the only two axis's a lathe normally, but I still cannot run this 
short .ngc program. I think the home is being being killed/nullified by 
the need to hit escape to stop the forever load scan. With no machine to 
activate home switches, and no encoder either, the safety features get 
in the way of tracing signals.
( to find the spindle on this breakout interface)
( need to find 4 signals, pwm, enable, reverse, and an enable for the 
o10 WHILE [1]
g4 p.1
g4 p.1
g4 p.2
o10 endwhile

Is that the problem?  Easily fixed I think, once I sat down and the back 
pain has eased enough to think. So I will try running 100,000 times 
while I poke around with a scope probe.  OTOH, an estop shutdown on TLM 
does not unhome it. Nor does an esc stop on any of the machines here.

Needless to say, the 5i25 doesn't even come close to using the same pins 
as a Mach install does. Finding z was easy, its on the pin set labeled 
for a B axis, and x is on the group for the Y axis. I did find the 
spindle's pwm signal but I'll be if I can find the spindle enables and 
brakes. Not sure why, but the B group is the only one whose led responds 
as an "I'm running" tally although I've see a few blinks on other pin 
groups as I was finding the mist and flood buttons. 

Anyway, clues welcomed.

Thanks all.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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