> Allied Electronics has _Continuous Flex_ cable listed and that's what you'd
> want when attaching to a moving axis, whether it's in a cable drag chain or
> not.  Here's the Alpha wire catalog page from Allied Electronics page:
> http://www.alliedelec.com/catalog/pf.aspx?fn=1358.pdf
> If anyone knows of a better place (cheaper) to get cable, I'm all ears...
> The problem w/ continuous flex is that it's very expensive.  So, you need
> to ask yourself if it's worth it?  Usually, I end up going w/ normal cable
> and in this case, some ethernet cable as suggested might work okay.  If
> it's a hobby garage machine, it's probably fine, if it's a 24/7 production
> machine, you might spend the money...
> Mark

Ethernet is cable with good electrical performance, twisted pair for the 
differential signals, it is readily available although quality vary a lot. Some 
certainly have problem with flexibility, I think there need to be many fine 
strands and not a single conductor.

Hobby machine or 24/7 production certainly make a difference. Oil resistance is 
also important. 

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