Hi Gene,

On 2016-12-01 03:03, Gene Heskett wrote:
> And I never would have started on the raspi without
> "W. Martinjak" <mats...@play-pla.net>
> proding and help.
> Then he got ill, and hasn't replied in a while, so I hope he is 
> recovering from whatever.

I'm fit again, but now very busy with the "real life" job.
Hope I can continue cnc tinkering in the christmas holidays. :)
> In any event, thank you Sir!

Thank you very much for testing my driver and this success report.
I'm very glad that it works.

> Cheers, Gene Heskett

Good Luck, Matsche.

PS:'hope your diagnosis is wrong.

"In der Wissenschaft siegt nie eine neue Theorie,
nur ihre Gegner sterben nach und nach"

Max Planck

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