Evening All;

This supposedly one ragged hole at 300 meters barrel is a P.O.S., but the 
final judgement will be the target of course.

So far I've made 2 catheads, and I've spent the last two days hunting for 
the center of the bore on the butt end of the barrel, and I just now 
came to the conclusion that I'd be dumb and happy if the carthead had 
thick enough walls that the centering bolts couldn't distort it from the 
tension from the 4, 8mm brass bolts used as centering bolts.

I very carefully machined a track where the steady shoes would ride, and 
mine is like all the other steady's, 3 shoes. I put that track about an 
inch back from the centering bolts. I started to make a cut to clean it 
back to round with the bolts tight, as in about 1/4 turn from stripped.

But after watching it bounce from shoe to shoe because its now 4 cornered 
about 5 thou, and the shoes are riding it hard enough to heat pretty 
good despite a coat of lithium based chassis grease, I came to the 
conclusion I should stick a bullet into it far enough I had a smooth 
surface to put the dial finger on. So I ran the reamer in to the end of 
the cartridge neck, letting it guide itself. Insert bullet, probe it, 
needle going 8 to 10 thou crazy at 75 rpms. Several times a revolution. 
Its the 3 shoes bouncing off the high points created by the 4 bolts bolt 

So tommorrow, I'll put a live center in it, any damage that does will be 
removed by the reamer anyway, and loosen the steady & move it out of the 
way, and see if I can then "fix" the steady track on the cathead with 
the barrel still in it. This ought to be fun.  Not...

Anybody else have a better idea short of making yet another new cathead 
out of a considerably thicker walled pipe?

Thanks guys.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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