On Wednesday 04 April 2018 05:20:17 andy pugh wrote:

> A bug in the smart-serial driver was, until recently, masking a bug in
> the 7i90 SPI firmware.
> Mesa have fixed the bug and re-issued the bitfiles.
> The problem probably only affects systems using a 7i90 controlled
> through an SPI link and _also_ using smart-serial peripherals
> connected to the 7i90.
> More details on the bug tracker here:
> https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues/412#issuecomment-377253608

I've not downloaded the new bit files yet. But it needs the 7i90 reset to 
an epp interface I'd assume in order for mesaflash to be able to 
reprogram the card, correct?

That imply's a complete mechanical disassembly because the 7i90 is at the 
bottom of a stack of cards, and will need connected to a machine with a 

With the pi turned upside down, which allows an spi cable only about an 
inch long.  And I am not using any smart serial stuff, my 7i90's gpio's 
are all directly connected to the hardware. So is it even recommended 
that I reflash the 7i90 in my lathes application?  IOW, if the fixed 
driver (because apt has updated it,) is used with the unfixed firmware, 
is there a detectable effect/problem?

Because the teardown to do that reflash is a cast iron pita, I'd be time 
and effort ahead to order another 7i90HD, program it, and just swap it 
out, I might be able to do that in one long day. Maybe 2, depending on 
how many times Dee interrupts me as she's home now, but still hopping 4" 
at a time on her good leg and a walker just to get to the potty chair. 
So I'm chief cook and bottle washer in addition to potty chair 
dumper/cleaner. :)

What is needed for this, is a mesaflash for spi. Is that even possible to 
do, Peter?

Thanks and Cheers, Gene Heskett
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