Is anyone using a CNC mill to make PCBs?  The video linked below shows
someone doing this on a small mill with Mach 3.  The PCB is certainly not
high tech.  The parts are all through hole with 0.1 inch lead pitch and it
is one side only.  Right out of the 1970's but it is exactly what I want to
make.   More complex PCBs can go to oshpark

Is there a Linux based tool chain?   The part I don't see is how to convert
Gerber files to g-code files.

Then what tools work best?  I think three are needed tiny end mill to route
copper, Tiny spiral mill for cutting the PCB all the way through and a few
micro side drill bits for the through holes.

BTW it seems like the guy in the video could have saved a lot of time by
using a (fake) ground plane that flooded all the empty space.  No need to
mill all that copper away.


Chris Albertson
Redondo Beach, California
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