Good day gents, probably for pcw Andy or Gene. Any pointers on selecting
mesa cards as needed? I'm looking for inexpensive and versatile. I don't
have a lot of spare funds to contribute. I'm thinking 7i43 ran by epp at
this time. I have a pair of servo motors with renco encoders and an
inexpensive hbridge (36v15a) . I've tried sorting through everything and
just seem to end up confused. I'm looking to get x/y under servo power and
get away from these steppers . The big issue for me is having to build the
timing belt drive mount and not desiring to do it twice as these servos are
roughly nema 42 and my steppers are nema 34 .
I'm basically looking at being expandable and controlling the h bridge
while keeping z stepper driven for the moment. ( I do have service for that
as well, I am likely to just convert all of them to omron encoder down the
road) . Also I would like the ability to drive my selema +-10 drive and
brown boveri motor as an a axis with a lathe headstock I have lying around
in the very near future.
Thank you for your time .
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